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Global was activated in the area of water process (swimming pools-waste waters treatment) from 1991. Her development was rapid and her fame was based on the scientific planning of her constructions, on the quality of her materials and her work, on her consistency and the guaranteed result.


  • Always constructed, under the same strict prescriptions, they are, each and every one a separate, unique piece of art, that matches perfectly to its surrounding environment.
  • Pools made of armed concrete in any shape and size.
  • Electromechanical equipment imported by us.
  • Ornamental tiles, frames, design, marbles, perimetric ground, all of our import or production.
  • Overall construction or partial one, according to our client’s desire, for example electromechanical equipment only.
  • Flawless service, always in your disposal.
  • Replacement parts, accessories, chemicals and other consuming materials in special prices for our clients.



  • Biological treatment units of civil waste waters for small communities, hotels, camping, etc.
  • Industrial waste water treatment units, with combined methods of mechanical filters, sedimentation, chemical neutralization, flocculation, dissolved air floatation (DAF), biological treatment (aerobic or anaerobic) etc.


We respect the institution of S.E.I. and we contribute every day in his course for objective participation and role on the huge matter of the environment’s protection and it’s upgrade.

Dozens of our Studies that have been written on account for private and state conveyors, have successfully been given to the appropriate agencies, making the name GLOBAL a guarantee of scientific, typical and legal reliability, as well as substantial contribution to the idea of a modern and ecologically accepted evolvement course.


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